When and how do we wear our tzitzits?


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Micha'el: They could never know how good the land across the Yarden was before crossing. And when they reside across the Yarden, who will come to their defense if attacked? The 10 tribes on the other side of the Yarden? How will they hear of it? Mar 18, 2015 17:59:07 GMT -8
Micha'el: Destruction awaits those who turn from HaShem Mar 18, 2015 18:05:02 GMT -8
Micha'el: Reuven and Gad call themselves "Your servants" when they spoke to their brothers. Sounds like they already started a drawing away from their brothers. Mar 18, 2015 18:08:59 GMT -8
Micha'el: Giving up their inheritance...(Reuven and Gad) could this be likened to giving up a birthright ? something that HaShem intended them to have? Mar 18, 2015 18:11:03 GMT -8
Micha'el: 32:23 your sins will find you out. compares to 30:(16)15 If he makes them null and void after he has heard them, then he will bear the consequent guilt."[br] Mar 18, 2015 18:18:36 GMT -8
Micha'el: Community: Yes, Reuven and Gad did not want to be stretched by HaShem. They chose what looked easier to them. Mar 18, 2015 18:22:15 GMT -8
Micha'el: Yes, the 12 Spies infected all of Yisra'el. Here we have two entire tribes that have a similar potential to discourage their brothers...again Mar 18, 2015 18:27:20 GMT -8
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